Saturday , 20 July 2024

What To Wear For A Casting Call

The casting call is an opportunity for upcoming actors to get a role, even a minor one, for movie or television series. It is their interview and one has to look their best. The question then becomes what to wear for that all important audition where it lasts about 5 minutes. One has to think appropriate attire, but that is tricky.

Here are some tips on what to put on for the casting call.

Casting calls are for models, where they must fit a certain requirement in person so the casting director can pick who fits for the job the best. The models bring in their portfolio to see their past work and the pictures as much as in person are also important. For example, women should be wearing a t-shirt or sleeveless top in a solid color, meaning no stripes or wacky designs.

The color should be more neutral than bright. For the men, a t-shirt with crew or v-neck of the same colors is attractive. In pants, dark skinny jeans are recommended for women, but if the legs are gorgeous and clear, shorts work as well.

Don’t wear bottoms with many pockets because it will make you look larger. For the men, dark fitted jeans goes best.

Shoes: heels, heels, heels, ladies, because heels and models are like glue. Make sure they are comfortable either as pumps or straps and about three inches works.

It is like a runway walk when you enter; stay calm and look up while walking across the floor. Nothing too high of the wedged kind, but do have on flats to get there and change into the high heels when entering. For the gentlemen, no sneakers, but a casual or semiformal shoe will work; even those leather loathers like the Italian style is perfect.

And, while underwear may be hidden, they are important because a strapless bra and thong keeps out the visible lines and boxer briefs keep everything down there tight (sorry, gentlemen).

Finally, there’s the makeup and hair. For the women, don’t go heavy and maybe don’t go without it at all.

If necessary, a small dose of mascara and a coat of clear lip gloss works, but no excess eye liner, bright eye shadows, or fake eyelashes. Having a ponytail also is good so the hair doesn’t get in the way so the casting director can have a clear look at your face. The hair should be natural in curly, straight, or wavy form, but don’t show it wet.

For the men, some pomade is good because it gives texture and not much shine.

Go to a casting call with a simple look and nothing excessive or showy. You should be present in the most natural, basic look like a clear canvas they can then draw up.

For the designers, it is about sculpting you to what they want to see their models as and make you gorgeous and handsome for the pages of a fashion magazine.

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