Saturday , 20 July 2024

Keeping Private During the Casting Process

If you are thinking about taking part in a reality TV show, one of the most important things to consider is your personal life. Quite often reality TV stars have to deal with their personal life being splashed across the news and social media. With more people than ever on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more it’s easier than ever to find out what your favourite celebs are up to. If you’re thinking of exploring casting opportunities in reality TV, but worried about how this will affect your private life, there are some ways you can get the perfect balance.

First of all, you don’t want to be so boring that you’re not worth watching – this won’t do anything for your reality TV career. However, you don’t want to be seen having illicit affairs with people, falling out of clubs at 4 in the morning or being involved in various scandals. The more you’re involved in, the more likely you’ll end up being photographed by the paparazzi and waking up the following morning with your face all over the papers. The trick here is to make sure you strike a fine balance between the two – not so boring that no one wants to see you on TV, and not so exciting that you’re creating news stories every day.

You need to work out what things you want to keep private and what things you’re happy to share with the world. Some people like to talk about their relationships but their kids are a complete no-go. Some people like to discuss their kids but will refuse to talk about their relationship with their parents. It’s up to yu what you decide is too personal, and make sure you stick to it. Consistency is key here, if you discuss something once, you’ll be expected to discuss it again and again. If there’s something you want to remain private, don’t talk about it – not even once.

Social media plays a huge part in celebrities’ lives now. Most people use at least one form of social media and the majority of these people follow celebs. Be careful what you post on social media, as it can – and will – cause backlash. Even a harmless joke can turn into a witch-hunt if you’re not careful. Also be wary of the pictures you post. A cute family photo is great but remember that the tabloids will be all over it the following day. Giving them the faces and names of people you love could impact their life too – make sure to check with them if they’re happy with this. If not, they could end up being followed by the paparazzi, potentially jeopardising your relationship with them. All in all, just be aware of the things you say, do and post. People will be watching you and if you’re aware of this, you’re less likely to trip up and say things you’ll later regret everyone knowing.

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