May, 2018

  • 21 May

    Top 5 Questions You Should Be Able to Answer During an Audition

    If you go to an audition, you’ll be asked many questions about your work. Here’s the top questions you should be able to answer at any audition you go to. What Are You Working On? The first question you need to be able to answer is what you’re working on right ow. This can be anything that related to acting. …

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  • 18 May

    Should You Try to Follow Up with a Casting Manager After Your Interview?

    Once the audition with a casting director is over, you may think this is the end of the process, but you have more to do. You’ll increase the chances of landing a part if you do a few key things after the audition. Here’s what you should consider doing. Thank Them Make sure you send some sort of thank you …

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  • 14 May

    Why is exercise so important in keeping you motivated?

    Often you will find yourself lacking the motivation to stick to your routine, to achieve your goals or merely to get off the sofa and move.  Exercise has long been proven to help with overall well-being and health, as well as keep you motivated.  Lack of motivation often leads to no self-discipline and lack of focus.  Exercise will help you …

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  • 11 May

    Should You Make Eye Contact with The Judges / Casting Directors?

    If you want to impress the casting director or a judge, there’s several points to keep in mind. Here’s all you need to know about eye contact and other factors when you’re in an audition or interview. Relax Before You Go On Make sure you take the rime to relax before you go on. You wan to take deep breaths …

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  • 7 May

    Are Reality TV Shows Always Authentic?

    Reality TV is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. There are various types such as singing competitions, dance competitions, celebrity competitions and plain simple following individuals around with a camera. But are we really seeing true reality? Let’s take a look at The X Factor. It’s ran on our screens for over a decade, where hopefuls …

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