Thursday , 23 May 2024

Should You Date Your Co-Star

Whether or not you should date your coworker is a question that pops up for most people at some point in their lives. So, is it really that surprising that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’re asking if you should date your co-star? Not at all!

There are several different philosophies on when, if ever, it’s a good idea to date your co-star. In this article, we’re simply going to go over some questions to ask yourself before you decide whether you should date your co-star or not.

Are You Already Friends?

Ask yourself if you’re already friends with your co-star. If not, why? Don’t you think you should consider becoming friends with them before rushing into any kind of a romantic entanglement? Don’t be too impulsive: Befriend your co-star first and see how you two fit together, if you have good chemistry, and if you enjoy being around each other for long periods of times. It can essentially be seen as a “test run” before you jump into a serious relationship with them.

What Are Your Priorities?

Now ask yourself what your priorities are. What do you most value in life? How are you working toward those values? And most importantly of all: Do those values have room for a romantic relationship with your co-star? If they do, great! But, if not, you need to really think long and hard about whether you want to sacrifice any part of your plan in life just for one relationship with one person. It’s a very significant question to ask yourself, to say the least!

Can You Keep Things Professional?

This is a question you definitely need to ask yourself before you start dating your co-star. Can you it professional and compartmentalized? That is, can you leave the romance for your private, personal life while letting work be work? If you can’t, then there’s a serious problem here! You’re going to be around this person at work and if you can’t leave that all at the door, it’s going to result in some very unprofessional behavior.

So, you need to ask yourself seriously and deeply if you would be able to keep this whole relationship professional. And be honest with yourself! There’s nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you wouldn’t be able to do it.

Have You Thought This Through?

Finally, have you thought this through? Is this an impulsive whim you have or have you taken the time to sit down and really consider how it would work out? Have you thought about how the relationship would work and the costs and benefits? Have you asked yourself if this person is really worth all the headache? Have you asked yourself how much you even really like them to begin with?

If you haven’t, then that’s an issue! This isn’t the type of thing you can just carelessly decide to go through with. It requires serious thought and attention before you come to a decision.

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