How To Be Motivated When You Don’t Have A Callback

If you know you did your best in an audition, fear not. It is disappointing, not just for actors but for any role. You feel downhearted and that you could have done better – over thinking it all. But here are some tips on how to keep motivated when you don’t receive the news you may have wanted. Take It …

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Why is exercise so important in keeping you motivated?

Often you will find yourself lacking the motivation to stick to your routine, to achieve your goals or merely to get off the sofa and move.  Exercise has long been proven to help with overall well-being and health, as well as keep you motivated.  Lack of motivation often leads to no self-discipline and lack of focus.  Exercise will help you …

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The Top 5 Signs to Let You Know That You Are Depressed

Depression is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by physician. Many people may have depression and not even know that they have it. Here are some top warning signs that you may be depressed. If you have some of these warning signs you should check with your physician to determine your overall mental health.   You Sleep Too …

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