How To Balance Your Personal and Work Life

Both work life and personal life are demanding. But it’s important and of great advantage to strike a balance between them. For a good number of people, it has been a major challenge trying to balance their personal and work life. Like I stated earlier, personal and work life are both demanding. Let’s say you’re a nursing mother and at …

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Do Looks Matter?

Reality TV remains one of the most popular genres of programming within pop culture. Well known shows like The Real World, Big Brother, Survivor and America’s Next Top Model invite audiences to explore life outside of typical syndication, where the action isn’t scripted. The results are undeniably entertaining. However, do looks matter when it comes to Reality TV? Reality shows …

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What not to wear to an audition

When you’re attending an audition, you want to make sure that you are remembered but you need to be sure that it’s for the right reasons. For your talent and skill. Not because of the wacky outfit you wore or the wardrobe malfunction you suffered. If you’re on the road to success them don’t let these mistakes derail you. Don’t …

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