How to Keep Yourself from Addiction in the Entertainment Industry

Being a in the entertainment industry can be a lot of pressure. The constant paparazzi, the tabloids spreading rumors, the long working hours, the pressure to stay thin, etc.  All the pressure can bring on a lot stress and having stress can bring bad habits and even—addictions. We have heard of so many celebrities that end up in rehab because …

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Bachelor Vs. Bachelorette: Which Marriages Last?

If there is one guilty pleasure T.V show, it’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette,an ABC premiered showwith 21 seasons of The Bachelor and 13 seasons of The Bachelorette. Audience members,whose ages typically rangebetween 18-49,are lead into asuspenseful two months toreveal candidate will be chosen as the lucky winner!  This year’s Bachelorette attracted an audience of 7.47 million featuring lead Rachel Lindsay, …

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