How To Lose Weight Quickly To Fit A Role

People have to lose weight to stay healthy. Actors have to lose weight to fit into a role required. They may be already overweight, but they may not be thin enough to fit a character. Actors take the tough road sometimes to get to the weight naturally needed because it is more real than using a belly sucking vest or …

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Questions Not To Ask During an Audition For Reality TV

Reality Television has become one of the most popular forms of television in media today. It is the projection of people’s lives in real or fabricated situation, which can range from documentary style informative shows, game shows, entertainment shows based on the lives of the reality TV actors, contest, adventure programs, talent auditioning, housing shows, shows which outline the inner …

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How To Gain Weight To Fit A Role

There are just certain professions where weight comes into play and it does not have to be always losing weight. The pressure to lose weight to fit into something is preposterous, but necessary for those roles where skinny is kind of an understatement. But there are roles where gaining weight is necessary, whether by fat or by muscle. For actors …

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