Thursday , 23 May 2024

Five Steps in Starting a New Workout Routine

Working out can have a positive impact on everybody. Studies have shown that people who exercise daily have a longer lifespan. Doctors are now urging people who suffer from mental health to get out and partake in daily workout routines as it has beneficial compounds to the human brain.

If working out is not in your daily routine and you find it hard to begin because your not quite sure where to start don’t let that put you off because we will be going over 5 different ways to beginning your new workout routine.

  • Committing to yourself.

The first step when beginning a new workout is committing to yourself. Only you can decide that you want to make changes nobody else can do it for you. Begin when you know your 100% committed, if not you will not succeed and that would be setting yourself up for failure. They will be good times and bad but to overcome the bad just keep reminding yourself why you began in the first place and don’t let anything bring you down fight through the pain and get those results you want.

  • Creating the Plan.

Everything starts with a plan, you just have to follow up and put that plan into action.  A good way is to gather a scrapbook and take pictures out of magazines for motivational purposes and quotes to help you on your bad days. Remember NOTHING is impossible. Write out your own training schedule on set days and with set times to help you be more organised and not rush things. Keep all this handy in a place you can see it everyday.

  • That first day.

Your first day can be daunting,specially if you have never exercised a day in your life. That is not a problem, start off slow and work yourself up. Everybody began on day 1 at some stage. Day 1 could be filled with stretches, jumping jacks, squats, sit up and jogging on the spot. Each day you work out add a little extra time for example if you exercised for 30 minutes yesterday then go for 35 minutes today.

  • A Little can mean a lot.

Some days you will feel like you’re not breathing as heavy so you get down and feel like it is not working anymore, hang in there. When exercising a little can mean a lot. Your day to day life can change meaning little room for exercise so even doing a quick 30 minute routine is better than sitting doing nothing. Every little bit counts, find youtube videos for a quick cardio workout, you will soon feel fresh again.

  • Places to Exercise.

People think that to workout means it’s costly, that is not the case. Workout at home in your pajamas if you want to. You do not have to spend money on gym clothes and a heavy gym membership. Be your own boss when it comes to places you can work out.

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