Saturday , 20 July 2024

Questions Not To Ask During an Audition For Reality TV

Reality Television has become one of the most popular forms of television in media today. It is the projection of people’s lives in real or fabricated situation, which can range from documentary style informative shows, game shows, entertainment shows based on the lives of the reality TV actors, contest, adventure programs, talent auditioning, housing shows, shows which outline the inner workings of a particular industry and so much more. Shows like Big Brother, which shows the lifestyle of people living in an environment for a prolonged time, ultimately competing for a contest would definitely be considered a reality TV.

The process involved in auditioning is likely to be different from show to show. When auditioning for the same type of program, the interview questions, process, and format of auditioning varies. Therefore, the information here is meant to guild you on questions not to ask during an audition for a Reality TV.

  1. What the Show is all about?

Unless you do not want to get hired for the show, do not ask this question. The question shows that you are not enthusiastic about both the offer and the company, and you did not even bother to find out what they do. If you do not know what the reality TV show is all about, go search and ask around before coming for the audition

  1. How much salary will I receive for appearing on the show?

It is unambitious to ask how much you would be paid during your first audition. It is fine to ask about the salary when they already hire you and negotiate it with you, but not before you are hired.

  1. Never ask a question, unless you are told to do so

It is true that an auditioning should be a two-way street, but you should not announce your intentions to ask questions. It is not necessary, and it’s a bad form. Instead, simply answer all questions asked throughout the auditioning and wait until you are sked if you have any question.

  1. What’s in this Job for me?

During your audition, the Judges are most interested in what you can do for the Reality TV. An audacious altitude will be considered as rude and self-centered.

  1. How many hours will I work daily?

Asking the Judges about working hours will make you appear as a breezy type of person, who is not ready to take full responsibility.

  1. Did I pass?

Apart from making the Judges feel cornered, it also shows that you are very impatient. Even if you ask the question during the second round interview. It is unethical to ask such question in front of Judges. If you want to know about their hiring system, asked them questions like “Do you generally perform multiple round of interview?” This would give you an idea.

During your auditioning, it is fine to challenge the Judges. However, you should do this with finesse. Because creating an uncomfortable environment for Judges during auditioning will make the audition memorable, but definitely not in a positive way for you. The most important thing to do during an audition is to enjoy yourself while pleasing the judges.


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