Thursday , 13 June 2024

Do You Think Meghan Markle Did The Right Thing by Giving Up Her Acting Career for Prince Harry?

When Meghan Markle officially announced last November that she would be giving up her acting career due to her engagement with Prince Harry, many people were understandably shocked and concerned. After all, she had a highly promising career as an actress and it seemed that she could have continued to do it indefinitely. Many people felt that she was making a huge mistake by giving up her career for Prince Harry, while others thought that it was a good idea on her part. Here are the two sides of the debate

Case That She Did the Right Thing

The case that Meghan herself has made is that she is very proud of her career and sees this move as a good “last chapter”; an ending credit sequence to a very satisfying and successful run as an actress. She feels that she has much to be proud of with the work she’s done so far and she feels no need to drag it out with an artificially long run just because she can.

Another point she makes is that this transition allows her room to focus on causes that are really important to her. She feels that she can give a strong voice to these issues and help people pay more attention to them and understand them on a deeper level. From this angle, her transition is about a level of personal growth instead of personal stagnation.


Case That She Did the Wrong Thing

On the flip side, there’s also a case to be made that she did the wrong thing with this move. Feminists have argued that Markle’s role as an Advocate for Political Participation and Leadership at UN Women has lead to a lot of promising work and that she has made a mistake by abandoning her career and subsequent role at the UN for her engagement. They have also argued that her heritage as a biracial woman would be very instrumental in the cause of British women receiving equal pay as well as recent efforts to fight sexual harassment in the UK parliament.

Many also feel that her ability to dedicate time and effort to global initiatives will be stifled by the move. The English royal family has often been seen as sweeping controversy and political activism under the rug in favor of a more traditional and restrained angle. Some worry that, as a result, Markle will not be able to have a very significant political voice because she might feel like she would be reflecting poorly on the royalty.



Overall, the two cases can be boiled down to this: Some say this marks an important personal and public transition for Meghan Markle so that she can mature and work on the things that are important to her, while others feel that she is jeopardizing her strong voice for global causes and political issues by becoming a part of the royal family and giving up her acting career. Both sides have strong cases to be made and it’s best to think both of them over before coming to any sort of judgement.

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