Hated Stars Who Are Actually Really Nice People

Thanks to the rise of online tabloids and social media, a celebrity’s every move is scrutinized more than ever before. And when controversy equals valuable clicks, it doesn’t take much for a star to find themselves with an army of haters. It’s sometimes easy to forget that celebs are only human, and nobody’s perfect. When you look at the bigger …

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How Legit Is It All?

How Much is Real and How Much is Made Up? Of course a lot of it is a Scam – but the fact is that the best reality TV isn’t entirely fake either. For a scene to work there’s got to be a grain of truth about what’s happening. But what the program makers tend to do is inflate it …

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What To Do After You Have an Audition

Everyone always freaks out after their auditions. They think what could I have done better? How could I have messed that up, I knew that forwards and backward. My life is over. Some people take their audition really seriously and freak out afterward. First of all, it is important to remain calm and be civil. Do not freak out because …

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