Thursday , 13 June 2024

Where are Former Child Reality TV Celebrities Now?

If you are a reality TV show lover from the childhood, you must have grown up with some stars. Now you must be wondering where those celebrities are now. Here is a list of some of the forcer child reality TV stars, who became extremely popular in the past.

  1. Sean O’Neal

Sean O’Neal became extremely popular with the reality TV show, Clarissa Explains it All. Now he is attached to one of the most popular boy bands based in Florida. In addition, he performed in a TV series named Development Hell as well.

  1. David Lascher

David Lascher was one of the most popular reality TV stars during the 90s. As a result, he didn’t find it as a difficult task to find roles. He got the opportunity to perform in several TV shows, including Teenage Witch, Sabrina, Clueless and Blossom. However, the actor appeared only in a couple of movies. Recently we didn’t hear much news from David Lascher and it seems like he is allocating more of his time towards personal life.

  1. Monica Keena

Monica Keena started the career with movies such as While You Were Sleeping. She was a popular sweet child celebrity back in the day. Then she got invited to perform in some of the large scale TV shows including the Dawson’s Creek. However, she had to deal with a lot of negative consequences later in life, where she became a victim of domestic violence.

  1. Malcolm David Kelley

If you have enjoyed Lost back in 2004, you know who Malcolm David Kelley is. You would have realized that he is too old to appear in Lost as well. Regardless of all strange things that happened on the island, Malcolm David Kelley could survive young. He also seem to

  1. Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies became popular along with the reality TV show, Saved by the Bell. Later she got the opportunity to perform as a soap opera player. She was deeply into music and even got the opportunity to play in few music videos. Unfortunately, Lark Voorhies had to experience a PR setback during 2012, which ruined her career.

  1. Christie Abbott

Christie Abbott worked really hard during the 90s for her appearance in the PBS series. Unfortunately, she could only receive few Whisbone Credits. However, there seem to be a good news about her as well. At the moment, she looks doggone good and she is living a happy personal life along with her loved ones.

  1. Erik Per Sullivan

If you have watched Malcolm in the Middle, you cannot forget Erik Per Sullivan. Along with the popularity that Erik Per Sullivan received, he was engaged in a busy life schedule. He played roles in a variety of movies including Finding Nemo, Unfaithful and Joe Dirt. He was also able to receive the James Joyce award for his amazing performance. At the moment, he is attending University of California to pursue his academic goals.

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