Thursday , 13 June 2024

Is Omarosa Back on Reality Television Just a Scam?

Omarosa is a name that everyone seems to be familiar with, no matter if you are a fan of reality television or not. She always seems to be all over the news. But you may be wondering if the reality star turned White House staffer turned back into a reality star is a scam or if she is legit.

This will take a look at Omarosa’s history on reality television and her rise to fame.

Omarosa said it perfectly herself recently on “Celebrity Big Brother”: “I’m ratings gold.”

Everywhere she goes on reality television, there is more drama than the average reality fan can stand but yet no one can seem to turn away from it. Just the utterance of her name inspires such negative feelings about her, still people seem to flock to her whenever she appears on television. She is a polarizing figure in reality television that keeps coming back because she is good for their ratings.

Television execs like to stick to what works, and Omarosa seems to have proven time and time again that she works on television.

Julie Chen discussed the fact that casting her was such a polarizing one, especially after her highly publicized exit from the White House.

It may not have been a popular decision, but it was one that drew attention to a reality brand that people may not have watched before. There would be a lot more media attention on this reality show, primarily because Omarosa was a name that attracted interest from a lot of people. This is even more true when people began hoping that she would spill some illicit secrets from her time at the White House.

Between her time on “The Apprentice” and in the White House, she was a person who had around 15 years of knowing the President, so now having that insight was particularly interesting to viewers.

Who is Omarosa really? Is she the villain that everyone sees on television? Or is she more complex than that? According to her housemate Shannon Elizabeth in “Celebrity Big Brother”, things may not be as they seem. She stated that while on television she plays this evil person but that was really just a persona, not who Omarosa really is.

People discuss how she is intelligent and actually surprisingly kind considering how she presents herself on television.

What this means is that Omarosa is not a legit villain. She is a smart businesswoman that knows her brand, which is a reality star villain. This is what brings in the money for her and she has the business sense to know that you should stick to what works. Think of all of the other reality stars that have just vanished over time.

Omarosa has nearly 15 years of reality fame under her belt, showing that she is doing something right. She plays her part as an evil character and she does so exceedingly well. Her evil character is a scam, if her fellow castmate is to be believed.

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