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Top 7 ways to keep a relationship spicy

When you are in a new relationship, it may seem like you are on top of the world and every moment keeps you over the moon. But as you mature together and the newness wears off, it’s not unusual for some couples to feel like their relationship is growing stale and thing seemingly fall into routine.

Needless to say, relationships are not always butterflies and rainbows – it takes hard work and commitment to keep a successful relationship. So, whether you have been only together for months or for decades, taking steps to keep the spark in your relationship is vital.

Check out the top seven techniques to keep your relationship with your partner exciting:


  1. Do Something Fun, New and Exciting Together.

Spending quality time together and trying new and exciting things together can do so much to stimulate a relationship. You can go a trekking or hiking together, try out a new restaurant or new skills together. It doesn’t have to be very expensive either, the point is you and your partner can enrich your bond by engaging in activities together.


  1. Keep the Excitement in your Relationship Alive.

Surprise your partner every so often. Cook him or her favorite meal. Come home with a small present, leave romantic note on a mirror or hidden somewhere in the pocket of your partner’s jacket. You’ll be surprised how small things can go a long way to keep the butterflies in your stomach and strengthen your relationship.


  1. Make Time for Physical intimacy.

Over time as couples become too familiar with each other making love may become far less frequent and often undermined. But physical intimacy is crucial for couples and the longer partners are together in a relationship the more they have to keep the intimacy alive to keep the sparks flying. Being busy parents or driven by your career is never an excuse to put off lovemaking. Intimacy doesn’t always have to end in sex, you can show intimate physical connection by simply hugging, kissing and caressing.


  1. Stay Healthy and Take Care of Your Self.

Taking care of your self and your body is important. The more you feel good about yourself the more you feel enthusiastic and your libido increases. You can even exercise and workout together which can be one of your great bonding moments.


  1. Forget about the concept of perfection.

Perfection in relationships simply doesn’t exist. Don’t expect too much from your partner. Stop nitpicking and scrutinizing your partner’s simple failure. Try to be assertive and proactive in communicating about your needs to your partner. Learn to forgive and forget and avoid bringing up past mistakes.


  1. Travel Together

Traveling together can do wonders to keep the magic in a relationship. Traveling is an awesome excuse to flame up the romance. Going to a new place together means you’ll have to rely on one another and teaches you how to compromise. You can enjoy sharing new memories together and laugh out on your silly misadventures together.


  1. While action speaks louder than words, don’t forget to verbalize your feelings for each other.

 As much as actions are louder and greatly appreciated, verbal affirmation and romantic words are equally important as well. Saying ”I love you” and other mushy lines help keep the romance alive in a relationship.

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