Saturday , 20 July 2024

How To Make A Good First Impression

Intentionally or not, folks always look forward to the impression you leave them with. This is because impressions help people establish certain kinds of relationship with you. So, if the impressions you leave on people determine how they want to relate with you, it must be quite obvious now why you should make a good first impression.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a sweet at every first impression, you just have to be aware that your first impression is going to stick around for a long time. For this reason, you might want it to be a generally impressive one or acceptable at the least.

The saying, “always be yourself” is one of the most famously used slogans out there. However, if you have ever been thrown out of an interview or lost a date on your first impression you might be of the school of thought that the saying is flawed. The better saying should be, “be the best version of yourself”. In simple words, this means, don’t change too much, just be impressive in your way.

A good example here would be how eagles and cheetahs are different from one another but fly and run impressively respectively. If you reinvent yourself to make just the right impression, you will avoid the much-dreaded comparison with others. This, right here, will be the first step to being accepted by the impression you portray.

Human characters may differ, but certain traits always pass for a good first impression. Two of the most popular scenarios where you want to be leave a good first impression are on first dates and job interviews. We may now get right to how you can make a good first impression now.

Remember Names:

Some people are geniuses like “Mike Ross” in Suits, they get to learn and recall stuff easily. While some of us have to be conscious about recalling stuff. Whether it comes naturally or you have to work for it, remembering the names of people you deal with, maybe at a workplace or a date, or your first time meeting a person will make it seem like you are interested in them and listened to all they said. There’s nothing more adorable than a sweet smiling stranger who knows your name, be that stranger.

Exude Confidence:

This is easier to say than do for timid folks. However, here’s something you should learn. Exuding confidence is different from being confident. In the former, all it takes is acting it out, while the latter is actually being it. So, if you are not the smoothest chap with words, say little, and maintain a good gaze into the face of your new friend or contact. If it’s a business meet, push for a handshake (a firm one), and if it’s a first date, push for a hug and leave a little sincere (non-erotic) perk on the cheek of the lady (except you are the lady).


Your appearance is arguably the most obvious impression of you folks judge you by. With or without guitars, the reggae guys are not hard to spot, the leather armbands on rock stars make them conspicuous. This is not to say a reggae man or a rock star cannot make good first impressions, it just means your appearance will give you away. On a first date, you must be between being dressed and underdressed, like sit perfectly in the middle. Wear a nice smelling non-toxic perfume, and for a guy your first date isn’t the time for a manly perfume. Go for a nice smell all the way.

Acting out:

You might want to try more smiles and closed quieter laughter than what would be the alternative; straight faces and loud laugh. Don’t be the one who talks too much on day one, just keep the conversation alive and do not be boring.

There you go with a guide on how to make a good first impression. Now, go and be awesome.

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