Thursday , 23 May 2024

10 Tips to Lose Weight For a Casting Role

When getting casted for a role there are certain requirements you must abide by. The main one is weight. Many roles in the acting industry expect you to lose drastic amounts of weight depending on the role you’re auditioning for. Actresses and actors alike take this task on daily for example, 50 Cent lost 54 pounds for his role in Things fall apart. Tom Hanks also lost 50 pounds for his leading role in Cast Away. so just how do these and many more celebrities do it?

  • Breakfast.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and it is highly advised by many dietitians as a meal not to be skipped. By skipping breakfast you are more likely to snack more often throughout your day and possibly missing those vital nutrients.

  • Eating Regular.

Some people think eating very little will help them lose weight because if they dont put in they won’t put on! That is total nonsense. By eating regular meals throughout the day calories will be burned faster than they would skipping meals. You are also at a lower risk of unnecessary snacking.

  • Valuable Snacks.

Get rid of those crisps, chocolate and marshmallows, in turn eat plenty of fruit and vegetables these carry vital vitamins your body needs and can not get from junk foods. These foods are low in fats and calories. Fruit and veg off a high source of Fibre which are 1 of 3 key ingredients to help with weight loss.

  • Excercise.

Exercising is key specially following up with a high quality diet. Exercise helps keep the weight off when you are at your desired weight. The best exercise to do is Cardio, get that heart pumping and those pounds falling.

  • Keep Hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water daily is a must for any diet you choose to take. The body needs fluid to run and water is the best source of fluids to help dieting.

  • Fibre Intake.

Eating foods that are high in fibre can help the human body feel fuller for longer resulting in you not binge eating. A good source of this is vegetables and fruit.

  • Food Labels.

It is always a good skill to look at food labels before purchasing anything. By doing this it helps you make a healthier choice of what you put in your mouth.

  • Portion Sizes.

By making smaller portions your body is taking in less carbs.  To help you portion your food try using smaller plates this will help the body consume the right amount it needs and not allow you to over eat.

  • Alcohol and Weight Loss.

Cut out alcohol, it carries far too many carbs and sugars. One glass of wine is equivalent to a bar of chocolate.

  • Sugar

Having sugar in your diet can be terrible as it contributes to many health issues and weight gain. By cutting sugars out you are automatically going to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

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