Crazy Fans No Celeb Would Ever Wish For

At one point in time, most of us have wished that we were a little more like the glamorous celebrities we see on magazine pages and on television. However, some of us are not content to merely dream about it, and they set out to make their dream a reality.These rabid fans aren’t above doing the unthinkable to get close …

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How Effective is Reality TV in Highlighting Scams

You don’t know who’s doing what and how corrupt (or non-legit) individuals are plaguing our society. Would you like referring your loved ones to any company or individual who’s just a fraud and running scam operations? Obviously, you won’t because you care for them. What about those reality TV series highlighting corrupt individuals in our society? Of course, they’re doing …

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Top 10 Realest Reunion Moments

Bravo put together a list of the Top 10 Realest Real Housewives Reunion Moments. From the biggest reveals to the most explosive fights, check out your favorite past Real Housewives Reunions in this catalog. The people over at Bravo go over the best moments.

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