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Review: Survivor

Emmy award winner Jeff Probst serves as host of survivor. Survivor is an American Reality Competition series. Each individual season has an overall theme.

The series drops a group of strangers in an isolated exotic location, where they must provide daily living necessities such as food, fire, and shelter for themselves.

The contestants are divided into teams or tribes that compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination.

The contestants are progressively eliminated from competition as they are voted out by their fellow contestants, or tribal council, until only one remains and earns the title of “Sole Survivor” and is awarded the grand prize of $1,000,000.

The 37th season of the competition series was Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Twenty competitors went through a series of obstacles to determine a grand prize winner.

The season had a biblical theme which showed the cast divided into tribes based upon biblical figures of David and Goliath.

David tribe members were deemed as under dogs who had to go through surmounting obstacles. Conversely the Goliath Tribe, were seen as the strongest competitors.

David vs. Goliath premiered on September 26, 2018 and aired through December 19, 2018. David vs. Goliath was filmed in Fiji during cyclone season resulting in a temporary evacuation of contestants and staff.

This season gained acclaim based upon its story line and strong, calculating competitors.

Through the first part of the competitions the David Tribe was required to overcome adversities including reduced numbers as a result of injury.

A complaint upon survivor viewers is that the series had strayed from its original premise of social game play by relying on too many idols and competitive advantages.

However, in Season 37 no advantages were utilized prior to the pre-merge phase. The entire beginning of competition was based on interaction and persuasion. Examples being members from the weaker David tribe using powers of persuasion to gain the trust of opposing Goliath members.

Past seasons gave survival edge to the tribe with the most members remaining prior to the merge.

However, in this season despite obstacles and injury, the David tribe still showed strength. After the merge they continued to rely on one another for strength eventually gaining majority over the Goliath tribe.

Aggressive games men, strategic players and unique players made this season entertaining to watch.

A season lacking in over emotional drama made for contestant and viewer enjoyment. This season did not display a single over the top competitor to dominate competitions.

Without a clear front runner, the cast of blended personalities allowed for a game that made viewers have to tune in to see what happens next.

In December 2018, it was announced that Survivor will be returning for its 38th season.

The competition location will again be Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. This upcoming season will feature four returning players from previous season and fourteen rookie contestants.

Tribe names are believed to be Karma and Manu. Survivor Edge of Extinction is set for a premiere airing date of February 20, 2019.

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