Thursday , 13 June 2024

Healthy Marriages in Hollywood?

We all know Hollywood to be a hit or miss in the marriage world, with divorce rates skyrocketing amongst celebrity couples.  What makes it so difficult to maintain a healthy marriage as a celebrity?  Here are some of the most common reasons as to why celebrities divorce:

  • Economic Support– Celebrities are rich, and in turn this gives them an exponential amount of opportunity to travel, shop, start a business, etc. This ability acts as a steady foundation after splitting with someone as there are continual possibilities for their future.
  • Reality– Celebrities have crushes on one another and create an illusionof their crush’s image in the media. When they actually meet their crush reality hits, and that person is not who they expected nor wanted, and this becomes unavoidable in marriage.
  • Busy Schedule– Actors, models, and artists all travel often and can spend months away from home. One celebrity may want to settle down with their kids, or the two have such conflicting schedules that a lack of time hinders spending time with one another.
  • Temptation– Temptation is high as a celebrity, and actors and actresses are required to kiss people in movies or singers are required to dance with people on stage. They begin to crave that passion again and go after new excitements.  Additionally celebrities are constantly hit on.
  • Age difference– Statistical data shows that less age gaps between a married couple result in a healthier and more long-lasting marriage.

So given the reasons why celebrity couples have consistent divorce rates, how do celebrities maintain long-lasting marriages with their spouse?  Here’s a list of celebrity couples who shared how they sustain their marriage.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick:Friendship

                “We are really friends first beyond everything else,” says Broderick.  His advice is to have continual open communication and to laugh more.  There needs to be a level of chemistry beyond attraction that will allow for a lasting marriage.

Michelle Obama &Barack Obama:Hard Work

Michelle says that marriage takes a lot of work, which many who enter marriage seem unprepared for.  Sharing one’s life with someone else is bound to be difficult because one will have to consider needs and desires that are outside of their own world.  There will be bruises, joys and pains, but that is the reality of marriage, it is challenging.

Angel DoutzenKroes& Dutch DJ Sunnery James: Quality Time

                The couple works to plan time together, and Kroes has had to intentionally maintain her schedule and commit to less modeling opportunities to balance her work and home life.  Kroes says the couple compares diaries to count how many days they will be apart to plan more.

Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russel: Listen and Learn

                After being together for more than three decades, Hawn and Russel claim that continuing to listen and grow is essential because they fall into bad habits.  Living in the moment helps them stay present.

Live and learn, we should all be taking notes.

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