Saturday , 20 July 2024

Review: America’s Next Top Model

American reality television series, America’s Next Top Model is one sweet eye candy on the television. Created by the supermodel herself Tyra Banks, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, the interactive modeling competition television show has succeeded in drawing a huge number of followers from around the globe since its first episode premiered in May 2003.

A fun and entertaining show that can be all you’ll need to relax even just for an hour a week, the reality competition show centers around typically 14 women of different personalities, backgrounds, ethnicities, skin colors, sizes, and cultures competing each other for the coveted supermodel title.

Along with Tyra Banks as the show presenter is a panel of two or three additional judges, a runway coach, as well as a creative director. The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize, a contract with a modeling agency, and a chance to grace in the pages of a magazine, among other prizes.

Throughout the show, the modeling hopefuls will be living together in a glamorous pad. Typically in every episode, someone will be eliminated until one remains and successfully proves she deserves to be the next fierce supermodel. With a mix of strong personalities, the drama and tension can start escalating at any moment.

As from time to time, one girl must pack her bags and leave behind the opportunity of a lifetime, it is fun and interesting to make comments and take a pick on who will come out on top and be the next queen to “rule” the runway.

Although not without the typical reality show messiness, particularly the catfights, expletives, and not to mention too much skin shown which not everyone would like to see on TV, the show is a hit when it comes to creativity and fun entertainment. With already over 20 seasons to boast, the show brings out girl power and proves that hard work always pays off. From just a mere dream, the show helps the hopeful contestants make their dream of becoming a supermodel within their reach.

The show also features interesting fashion shoots which will absolutely grab anyone’s attention.

But more than the beautiful girls competing in the runways, one could not help getting drawn with the girls’ genuine personalities too. More than the girls’ catfights, make no mistake as their transformation to becoming a runway hit comes with a handful of challenges.

The girls need outstanding determination as they have to face sometimes harsh criticisms from the panel of judges. They have to ace walking with overly elevated shoes and brave through photo shoots with outlandish makeups and unfavorable conditions including under the icy snow where they need to act like the cold never bothered them anyway or kneeling on the sand at baking hot temperature showing off that ‘if looks could kill’ fierce poses.

America’s Next Top Model has continued to live up to its reputation as an enormously popular and intriguing reality competition show on television. Undeniably imaginative and engrossing, the show puts into perspective how it’s like to be a supermodel and that the runway world is more than just about glitz and glamour. Indeed, the road to becoming a supermodel is a tough job.

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