How To Respond to Difficult Questions from a Casting Manager

Always be prepared to be set up for trick questions by a casting manager. It is important that you do your research and know how to answer questions. There are many sources available to you to make sure you make the proper choices when answering a question. Below is a few questions that will probably be asked and how to …

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8 Tips on Having a Successful Casting Interview

Everyone has a dream of becoming an actor but when the time comes where you have an interview or audition you freeze. You are lost. You do not know what to do. This is your worst nightmare because your dream is slipping right in front of your eyes. However, there are some tips that a director will look for. Confidence …

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What To Do After You Have an Audition

Everyone always freaks out after their auditions. They think what could I have done better? How could I have messed that up, I knew that forwards and backward. My life is over. Some people take their audition really seriously and freak out afterward. First of all, it is important to remain calm and be civil. Do not freak out because …

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